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Welcome to the home page of Boost Extras! This project is composed of helper classes and functions to ease the use of boost templates.

It has been a while since I wanted to get Boost to compile painlessly on all my computers. To me, this meant using the standard GNU configure script with the standard Makefile.am files and whatever else is necessary. This is now done! It's called GNU Boost.

I hope to have some time to extract the two or three boost-like classes I wrote for the wpkg tool and incorporate them here. These are used to read directories, tarballs, and archive files so as to be able to read a Debian package in a really clean manner.

If you created and documented your own boost helper functions and classes and want to publish them here, let us know! Send us a post or an email:

Alexis Wilke
Doug Barbieri

If you have an idea and do not know how to implement something and want us to look into it, post in our open discussion forum. We do not promess that we will work on it, but we certainly will be glad to brainstorm C++ ideas.

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